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Jimei Equipment Meets The Needs Of Milk Processing Plant

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    February 13, 2019
    The [u]Fruit Juice Production Line[/u] uses closed automatic production line production, no danger of high pressure explosion, stable performance, safe and reliable, simple operation, high output and low price.

    The characteristics of the filling juice production line of Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. are as follows:

    1. High precision: the calibrated capacity is 500 ml, and the average error is about ±1.5 ml;

    2. No broken bottle: The juice production line is equipped with elastic bottle-holding device. Don't be restricted by the height and shortness of the bottle. If the bottle is not in place, it will not break the bottle;

    3, high speed: 250-300 bottles / hour per valve, not much shifting;

    4, large capacity: the filling volume of the juice production line can be arbitrarily adjusted within a certain range;

    5, electric adjustment: electric synchronous continuous stepless adjustment and quantitative, liquid crystal digital display accurate display;

    6, soft start: when starting, the juice production line is mainly slowed down from the low speed to the set speed, there is no rigid impulse, so it will not break the bottle;

    7. Automatic protection: There must be an overload clutch protection device at the inlet and outlet of the bottle, and an abnormal situation will occur, and then the alarm will be automatically stopped;

    8, a wide range: juice production line is suitable for a variety of shaped bottles, and the replacement bottle type adjustment is more convenient and fast;

    9. No liquid loss: the bottle mouth should be closed and filled, the inner wall of the liquid bottle will be sprayed, and it will not overflow;

    In addition to providing a variety of juice production equipment, we also provide all kinds of equipment needed for dairy production for [u]Milk Processing Plant[/u]. We welcome all customers who need it to contact us. We believe that we can bring you satisfactory service.