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Optimize The Filling Line Of Fruit Juice Production Line

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    January 30, 2019
    Past filling systems for [u]Juice Production Line[/u] have many shortcomings, including high procurement costs, large and heavy equipment, difficult installation, and high maintenance costs. However, the defects of the filling line have now been replaced by advanced technology and new filling line systems. More and more companies are paying attention to and using the filling line, and they are beginning to realize that the filling line can bring it The benefits of the filling production line play an important role in food, medicine, and daily chemical production enterprises. Optimizing the filling production line is directly related to the quality of the product and the efficiency of production, and thus has become a topic that major manufacturers have to pay attention to.

    (1) Ozone sterilizer The so-called ozone sterilizer uses the strong oxidizing property of ozone to achieve sterilization. Ozone is a strong oxygen agent, its bactericidal effect is 15 ∽ 30 times higher than chlorine, and it can be used for 5 ∽ 10 min at a certain concentration. Ozone can achieve sterilization degree for various fungi. It has been widely used in foreign countries for disinfection of water to deodorize and remove color. It is also common in domestic applications in the production of mineral water and purified water.

    (2) Ultraviolet sterilizer When microorganisms are exposed to ultraviolet light, the proteins and nucleic acids of microorganisms absorb ultraviolet spectrum energy, causing protein denaturation and causing microbial death. Ultraviolet rays have a certain ability to penetrate clean and transparent water, so water can be disinfected. Ultraviolet sterilization can not change the physical and chemical properties of water, and it is widely used because of its fast sterilization speed, high efficiency and no odor.

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