The Advantages Of Otse Villa Elevator

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    July 22, 2019 6:19 PM PDT
    The steel, sheet, leather and other materials used in the entire car of the otse villa elevator are flame retardant materials. The 120-minute fire door design increases the safety rating;

    The UPS power supply is designed to meet the emergency situation of power failure. The UPS equipment will be manually started. The elevator will run to the nearest floor and open the elevator door to avoid the passengers being trapped due to sudden power failure.

    The unique emergency dialing device can preset 5 phone numbers, and the landline, mobile phone or emergency alarm number is not limited. In the case of an emergency, you only need to follow the smart phone to dial out like a stable phone. If you have not used the phone, you will manually dial the next number in the preset order until the phone is connected, ensuring that the trapped person gets it immediately. Rescue.

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