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Correctly Understand The Villa Elevator Selection Criteria

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    June 20, 2019
    The decoration design of the [u]Villa Elevator[/u] is very important. The villa elevator is used as a private villa elevator, which requires convenience and comfort, and also brings visual enjoyment. Try not to damage the original decoration style, but also better integrate the overall decoration style. Otse Villa Elevator Xiaobian will introduce you how to design your villa elevator and what to pay attention to:

    First, look at the type of monomer

    Whether it is a townhouse or a stand-alone style, in general, a single-story can fully enjoy the spaciousness and comfort of the 270° three sides. Generally, there are one ladder, one household and one ladder, and there are one ladder, three households and one ladder and four households. It is best to choose a ladder and two households, it can better achieve north-south convection, lighting and ventilation are better.

    Second, look at the structure of the apartment

    What kind of structure is suitable for installing elevators? The north and south are completely convective and the depth is small. The functional areas of the living room and dining room are clear, dynamic and comfortable, and the vision is smooth, but does not interfere. The restaurant is close to the kitchen and bright, and the dining is convenient and comfortable. The master bedroom should have a small sun room that can stand to watch the 270° view. There is no black room and black bathroom, so that all the bright lighting, living room and two rooms (three rooms) Chaoyang best. The elevator can be viewed from the view. When installing, look at the elevator opening: the size should be moderate, the ride can be comfortable, if you can view the scenery, it is better.

    Third, the choice of long-lasting style

    Different buyers will like different styles, classical or modern, Western or Chinese. No matter which style, only when they are done in place, they can maintain the classics and preserve the value of the property. It is especially recommended that you don't want to be tempted by the moment, choose to be rich and colorful, and be versatile. It is best to choose a good-looking one. Otherwise, it can only be a short-lived, easy-to-obsolete.

    Fourth, distinguish between household and public elevators

    The technical specifications of the villa elevator and the public passenger elevator are very different: for example, the load should not exceed 400kg, the speed should not exceed 0.4m/s, and the lifting height should not exceed 12m, but in real life, people often require manufacturers to provide more area. The car or higher speed, such as 1.0m / s, 1.75m / s, etc., has far exceeded the requirements of the villa elevator manufacturing specifications, this is too focused on the appearance, decoration, but not the safety of the villa elevator is Use the wrong part of the villa elevator. Therefore, it is very important to correctly recognize the nature and technical specifications of home villa elevators.