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China Desktop Xrd Achieved Good Results

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    June 18, 2019
    According to R&D and marketing personnel in related industries, the recent progress in [u]China benchtop xrd[/u] technology will enable industry users in some remote areas to further reduce the cost of corrosion analysis while improving work efficiency. The portable X-ray diffraction unit performs corrosion analysis and analysis on a variety of facilities including oil and natural gas pipelines.

    In-situ inspections of the location of the damaged equipment can now be performed using a portable field analysis device. The Chinese benchtop xrd field analysis unit will allow asset owners to analyze their associated corrosion samples directly on oil platforms, remote plants or refineries, eliminating the need to transport samples or equipment to specialized laboratories.

    For some remote mining operations or offshore energy production facilities, the cost of corrosion testing is usually higher because people need to ship all potentially affected equipment to a specialized laboratory for analysis. Moreover, even in some developed metropolitan areas, most laboratories spend weeks analyzing samples.

    Chinese desktop xrd car manufacturers must confirm that the right type of metal alloy is used in every part of the car, and material confusion can be costly. In some cases, government regulations specify the type of alloy used to produce certain components. To maintain quality throughout the production process, many companies use Chinese benchtop xrds to verify that they are using the right alloy.

    In order to properly inspect and solve problems, corrosion engineers and related chemists will generally review all relevant information in order to accurately identify all corroded products and problems that arise, and plan a reasonable repair or maintenance strategy. From the previous maintenance history, the whole process will last for several weeks or so, so the loss caused by equipment downtime is also huge.