Anna Claire Models - NY elite escorts and top models companions.

  • June 11, 2022 3:02 PM PDT

    Anna Claire Models - NY elite escorts and top models companions.

    Wealthy and successful men are constantly busy at business meetings, negotiations and are completely immersed in work. At the same time, as we understand, there is no time left to search for a kept woman in New York. However, if you manage to find something to rest, it often happens that there is simply no one to take with you on a trip.

    Or, as practice shows, sometimes it is possible to combine business with pleasure, and on a business trip there are several free evenings that I would like to spend in the company of a beautiful lady, have dinner with her, have a nice conversation, sip a glass of a good drink.

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    But there is no such girl, and looking for someone in a short time, and even in a strange city, you will agree that it is quite burdensome. In such a situation, a VIP girl would be simply irreplaceable. Whether it's a kept woman or a model, you can appear anywhere with such a lady and at the same time make the most positive impression. "Anna Claire models and events" cooperates exclusively with bright top models, actresses, graduates of prestigious universities, sophisticated socialites, accustomed to the spotlight, camera flashes and increased public attention.

    Knowledge of foreign languages, refined manners, observance of etiquette and royal bearing — this is an incomplete list of qualities inherent in any of the girls cooperating with Anna Claire models and events. In addition, we also understand that most of our potential clients live and work abroad, and come to the country for business issues and business. One of the necessities for them is to attend high receptions, conferences and business lunches. Among the ladies cooperating with our agency are the participants of beauty contests and their winners. We are the most popular and reputable agency providing escort services, the selection of kept women and, at the request of the client, we draw up a contract with the ladies, offering clients the best terms of cooperation. The main rule of our agency's work is comprehensive confidentiality. The agency "Anna Claire models and events" works in compliance with strict principles of confidentiality, so our dear clients may not care about the confidentiality of information and its non-disclosure to outsiders.