RDI Detailing. Ceramic Coating Richmond

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    June 3, 2022 4:39 PM PDT

    RDI Detailing. Ceramic Coating Richmond.

    What compositions are covered with the body? I want to preserve the beauty and shine of the body as long as possible. This is especially true after polishing. The compositions can be applied not only to painted parts, but also to glasses and wheels. There are several types of coatings. Wax is the simplest coating with minimal resource. Its properties will last for about a month or three or four proper washes. It adds shine and helps repel dirt, the car stays clean longer and is easier to wash.

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    Wax can be natural or synthetic. Natural, more expensive formulations are made on the basis of coconut, palm oil or beeswax. Synthetic wax is only slightly inferior in properties, but costs less. Combinations are also possible — retailers call it a "wax cake": the first wax adds shine, the second gives a richer color, and the third protects the first two — so the coating will last longer, usually up to three months. "It's amazing to watch him get prettier": how much does it cost to maintain a personal car Polymer preservative, aka silant. The properties of such compositions are similar to waxes. They are much easier to apply, they are usually sold in a spray bottle. Before applying such preservatives, it is advisable to polish the body — so the composition will work longer. And it's also a good and budget option for a new car, it helps to keep the shine for a long time. Ceramics is a nanoscopic protective coating, the particle size is not more than 100 nanometers. It is applied liquid and is waiting for it to harden. It usually consists of silicon dioxide, which is isolated from sand. Sometimes there is titanium dioxide in the composition as an additional hardener.

    The ceramic composition creates a hydrophobic coating. Water and dirt do not linger on the body, the car is easier and better washed. If you do not wash the car at bad car washes with cheap alkaline shampoos and do not degrease the body with white spirit, ceramics remain on the body for about a year. The lifetime of the coating is strongly influenced by the climate and road reagents, as well as the nature of the operation of the car.