How to play ultra pixel survive game?

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    January 18, 2022 5:48 PM PST

    It's time to find out how long you can survive in this crazy world of pixels! It doesn't matter that these heroes are small, because they have very big hearts! Control your characters and help them to stay alive by building shelters, gathering resources, and making defenses. This means that if any bad things happen to you, your character will also have superpowers! You should join us if you're as excited as we are now. Let's go on this crazy adventure!


    This game is so cool because it's a role-playing game with pixelated graphics! There are a lot of heroes for you to choose from. You can progress in the game by completing goals and making it to the end to get these characters. What you're going to do to stay alive is to find things like stones, woods, herbs, and food that you can use. To get your resources, use the axes and other weapons to get them. Then, turn them into places to hide and defend yourself. You will come across a lot of things and people on your way. However, don't be afraid, because each superhero has a unique superpower! Use your keyboard to move your character and fight off the enemies as you try to run away from them. You can also spend your money to improve your character's stats. Good luck in this crazy world! This pixel game is the most favorite pixel game because of its pixel components, role-playing adventure gameplay, and various chances of getting resources and crafting items. [url=]Ultra pixel survive[/url] is a free survival game with pixel art visual. The goal is to survive as long as possible. Have fun.

    Game Developer

    Ultra Pixel Survive was made by Gold Skull Studios.

    Release date

    On August 24, 2021.


    Game Features


    • 2D graphics that are colorful and pixelated
    • Several characters with unique abilities
    • Getting resources and making defenses
    • Fun and interesting gameplay with a cute backstory

    Game Controls

    • A and D to move.
    • Left-click/K to fight.
    • To jump, press the space bar.
    • F is the key to dodge.
    • When you press the ability button/E with your mouse, you can use the ability to do something.
    • Change tools: 1,2,3.