ocean exploration cables

  • April 21, 2021 2:41 AM PDT
    In modern times, ocean exploration has become a worldwide hot
    technology. For this reason, multi-disciplinary ocean detection systems
    and detection technologies have been developed. All detection systems
    and detection technologies are inseparable from the carrier of power and
    signals-ocean detection cables. To get more news about [url=http://www.rfcable.com.cn/en]rifeng[/url], you can visit rfcable official website.
    Product Features

    1. Comprehensive
    ocean exploration cables, it is often a cable that not only reliably
    provides power to ocean exploration equipment, but also accurately
    transmits the acousto-optic signals collected and processed by the
    detection instrument. Therefore, it is necessary to collect power lines,
    high and low frequency logic, analog and digital signals. The wire and
    the reinforcing element are integrated, and the photoelectric composite
    is made into a multi-wire group and a multi-functional comprehensive

    2. Electromagnetic compatibility
    In order to eliminate
    the mutual interference of strong and weak current, high and low
    frequency signals, the structure of ocean exploration cables must be
    carefully designed, and the cores or groups of wires must be reasonably
    laid out. According to relevant standards, they must meet the
    requirements of electromagnetic compatibility.

    3. Water tightness
    exploration cables work in the ocean for a long time, and with
    different water depths, they bear different water pressures. Therefore,
    waterproofing is an important feature of cables. Not only must have
    horizontal and vertical watertightness, as well as their connectors or
    branch cables, they must be carefully sealed.

    4. High strength and long length
    exploration cables are in a special marine environment. They not only
    have to withstand the impact of waves and ocean currents, but also take
    on the task of retracting and towing the detection equipment. Most of
    them require high strength, especially high tensile strength and wear

    5. Predetermined buoyancy
    According to the
    different purposes used on the sea, underwater and seabed, ocean
    exploration cables are often manufactured into cables with predetermined
    buoyancy such as floating, waiting to float, and sinking to the bottom.

    6. Resistant to chemical corrosion and biological attack
    Ocean exploration cables must be resistant to salt spray, seawater corrosion, mold, rodent bites, and marine animals.