Electric welding machine cable

  • April 21, 2021 2:26 AM PDT
    Electric welding machine cable is commonly known as welding handle wire,
    which is a special cable used for connecting the secondary side of
    electric welding machine and connecting electric welding pliers and
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    welding machine cables are divided into many types according to
    different use occasions, but most of them are single-core, the conductor
    material is oxygen-free copper, and the copper wire has a small
    diameter and a large number of wires.

    YH cable is the most common
    type of electric welding machine cable, and its characteristics are:
    large current and low voltage. The following uses Rifeng YH cable as an
    example to introduce the use characteristics of electric welding machine

    1. Brief introduction of YH welding machine cable

    the full name is rubber sheathed flexible cable for mobile electric
    welding machine, also known as welding handle wire. Y stands for mobile.
    H stands for electric welding machine.

    2. Use characteristics of YH electric welding machine cable

    cable structure of YH electric welding machine is a single-core cable
    made of multiple strands of flexible conductor, and the conductor is
    made of high-purity oxygen-free copper. The copper core has bright
    appearance, low resistivity, good conductivity and high safety.

    cable works under low voltage (maximum voltage is 200V) and high
    current conditions, so it has a certain degree of resistance.The motor
    lead wire cables are frequently moved, twisted and cast, requiring
    softness and good bending performance.

    It is easy to be scratched
    and rubbed by sharp steel components during deployment, so the cable
    insulation is required to have good mechanical properties such as tear
    resistance and abrasion resistance.

    The use of complex
    environmental conditions, such as sunlight, water boiling, contact with
    muddy water, machine oil, acid and alkali liquids, etc., requires a
    certain degree of weather resistance, oil resistance, and solvent

    Sometimes hot welding parts are encountered,
    requiring good heat deformation resistance.Frequent movement requires
    small outer diameter and light weight.For more details about rifeng
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