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Auu Global Limited:What a Liar& Scammer

  • Feb 21
    In the past month, the WikiFX exposure channel has received a number of
    complaints about the forex broker Auu Global Limited. The complainants
    were from the United States, Hong Kong, Russia and other regions. What
    happened? Is Auu Global Limited a scam? How does this affect users who
    are still trading on its platform?To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.

      “I have been waiting for 1 month to withdraw my 130k USD from my MT4
    account to my bank account. Auu Global Limited on WhatsApp said because
    of COVID-19, they couldn‘t return my money. In doing so, they said the
    government asked for a 10% tax on top of the 130k first, but I have
    refused to pay anything and I don’t know what to do.”

      Just like most other cases, this complainant was first induced to open
    an account by a lady on WhatsApp. He met the beauty through Tiktok and
    she‘s from Hong Kong. They kept an intimate relationship online for 5
    months. During that time, she sent him videos, pictures, EVEN passport
    details to let him believe that she was reliable. But when the investor
    was at a loss, he couldn’t contact Auu Global Limited nor the lady.

      Apparently, she is the bait, and that is one of the most common tricks
    used by scam brokers to defraud investors to open accounts and deposit
    funds. And of course, the “tax” is another trick that is used to defraud
    investors to invest more funds. The broker Auu Global Limited is
    nothing but a liar trying to break through the psychological defense of
    investors to achieve the purpose of manipulating everything!