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  • September 13, 2020
    The appearance of [u]Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers[/u] LED high bay lights adopts a special surface treatment process, which is beautiful and elegant and has a good decorative effect. The device has a simple structure, is easy to disassemble, and is widely used. The more common the internal reflective coating, the higher the reflectivity and the more uniform the light spot. The color rendering effect is good, and the appearance color of the object is more realistic. Led industrial and mining lamps can choose a variety of light colors to meet the needs of different environments, solve the depressed mood caused by high or low color temperature of traditional lamps, make the visual feel more comfortable, greatly improve the work efficiency of workers, and improve the quality of work.

    LED high bay lights bring light to our night, so what is the classification? The lighting types can be divided into normal lighting, emergency lighting, duty lighting and obstacle lighting. Emergency lighting includes standby lighting, safety lighting and distributed lighting. The applicable principles of [u]Led Flood Light Factory[/u] should meet the following requirements:

    1. When the normal lighting problem subsides, safety lighting should be installed in places where the safety of dangerous persons needs to be ensured.

    1. When the normal lighting problem subsides, disperse lighting should be installed in the exits and passages that need to ensure the safety of personnel.

    1. The duty lighting should adopt part of the normal lighting that can be independently controlled or part or all of the emergency lighting.

    1. When the normal lighting is weakened due to a malfunction, lighting should be set in the place where normal operation or activities need to continue.

    1. For obstructing the installation of lighting, the relevant regulations of the area or traffic department should be strictly implemented.