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Phil Spencer himself said Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta

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    April 28, 2020
    Its probably, Microsoft was doing a great job when they began releasing xbox only matches on PC and Phil Spencer himself said Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta that he believes in getting more options on PC as they'll be releasing the master chief collection on both the Microsoft store and Steam, together with games like Gears 5 along with the Age of Empire games. So based on that, its likely they'll launch it on both shops, as Steam is remarkably popular full of many consumers, so they stand to get alot of these into PSO2 for Phantasy Star Online 2 traction.

    PSO2 is perhaps the most optimized mmo I've seen. Runs great even on potato pc's. Easy to acquire good/high fps. Never any stuttering or drops unless it's +50 players which is pretty normal in almost any game. The graphics, while outdated, still seems quite good especially with the customization options.Having both would be great. But we know that occurs. Game devs will focus on graphics or functionality. Let Phantasy Star Online 2 fulfill the minute. Graphic requirement then concentrate on performance. 720p HD is fine in my opinion that is private.

    Why do they release it? They'd save yourself a ton of money making NA servers and using the JP model for PS4. They would just have to translate it. And with people on PS4, they'd have a player base that is bigger. Microsoft function as NA publisher may have something to do with this. Can make sense they'd want it to be on Xbox 1. Because it is in Japan, Sony isn't as prominent in the west.

    Man, I'm going to be salty af if PS4 does not get this at the West since I do not have an XBOX and I am not positive whether my laptop can run it. I play FFXIV on PS4 and would really like to have PSO2 as well. PS4 and well XBOX never let and here they are using XBOX and PC getting. Maybe even the Change too.I used to perform on a pretty bad laptop that was fairly dated and purchased at Walmart (no offense to Walmart of course) and it ran good with very few issues. So maybe there's hope? Used to operate buy PSO2 Meseta. And if anyone is unsure, there's a specific build of PSO2 designed to benchmark and test your system. No login or added steps required other than download, install.