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I have a question about PSO2 Meseta story

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    April 17, 2020
    I have a question about PSO2 Meseta story mode and it is whether easy has rewards that are different? Also I have many +30 weapons(and at least one +20 for many courses but caster and triumphed oddly enough) buut my armors really bad(I think +3) so should I start upgradibg that profoundly (level 48 or 49 in my main class and 40 or so on my currejt sub class..with many ofther as around 20) and how important are rings and some good ones you suggest(my c7rrent rings are +1-2 as I haven't really been amassing much due to stock being near cap or capped so often)? If that helps out, oh I am a hunter bouncer btw.

    I'm usually not so good with attempting to translate my ideas into words. I hope with PSO2 coming to NA that they're surprised by participant population but with earnings. I need SEGA to make a boat load of money off of Phantasy Star Online 2. It took two years to deliver Phantasy Star Online 2 to NA therefore that I dont think financial gain was a number 1 priority for them and as far as I am aware the only in game items for purchase are cosmetic. Together with PSO2 being f2p I hope we crush SEGA's expectations as a storm and community that game in the masses (and throw wallets at them).

    I watched some guide videos on PSO2 plus they mentioned stuff like a premium accounts. Paying for a game with game breaking bugs which were left unchecked for many years. Perhaps if they don't leave us hanging and give updates that are constant to us. Otherwise micro transactions are preferred for me.This is an entirely different scenario than PSU though. It's an 8 year old game which had overwhleming success such as additional classes, patches, occasions and other content. I have no reason to cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta feel that the variation would be poor to the point that a subscription could be a total throwaway of money.
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