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The Main Points Of Sheet Metal Parts Production

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    December 2, 2019
    [u]Sheet Metal Parts[/u] are parts with a certain shape, size, and performance obtained by a stamping process. Sheet metal parts are widely used in aerospace, automotive, marine, machinery, chemical and other fields, and have gradually become an important part in the current part manufacturing industry. The application of computer-aided design, manufacturing and other technologies to sheet metal parts manufacturing can make the design of metal sheet parts very fast and the manufacturing and assembly efficiency can be significantly improved.

    Common types of stamping materials

    The new sheet materials are low titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, carbon steel stainless steel, aluminum, copper and their alloys. They have low deformation resistance and are suitable for cold stamping processes.

    (1) Copper and aluminum and their alloys have good ductility and excellent electrical conductivity, so this type of
    The stamping process is often used as a component of electrical equipment.

    (2) The stamping process of carbon steel and stainless steel is often used in equipment shells, parts, boxes, etc., but because of its strong stiffness, stamping oil is usually used to improve the process.

    (3) Titanium alloy stamping is mainly used in large equipment, aircraft, ships, satellites, etc., and the process is difficult, so special stamping oil must be used to improve the process level when titanium alloy stamping.

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