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    November 5, 2019
    With the development of technology and technology (optical cable distribution box accessories), the construction of “fiber-optic cable-splitting boxes” and “smart cities”, the application of [u]Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box[/u] and fiber-optic cable box accessories is becoming more and more widespread. However, there are always some minor problems in the cable distribution box accessories, and these small problems do not seem to matter. But if there is “just in case”, then the price brought to us will be huge. Therefore, no matter where we consider it, we need to minimize the risk. There are also some questions about cleaning in the small problem of fiber optic cable box accessories. Let's take a look at it.

    If there is any doubt that a friend who has just touched the fiber optic cable splitter product has a dust cover, why should it be cleaned before testing and use?

    Here's a look at the home: Fiber optic cable splitter connectors, jumpers, pigtails, and adapters come with a dust cap at the factory. In addition to ensuring that the connector is clean, the main purpose of the dust cap is to protect the end face of the fiber optic cable splitter connector, avoiding direct contact with the connector end face and damaging the connector. The dust cap can only be removed during installation, testing, and use. Once the dust cap is removed, the cable splitter connector must be coupled to another cleaned fiber splitter connector. Therefore, it is wrong to think that “there is a dust cap protection and no cleaning is required before use”.

    Because it is not possible to determine whether the end face is clean before the dust cap is attached, and the dust cap itself must be clean. Good construction practice is to clean the fiber optic cable splitter connector even if a dust cap is present. After testing a fiber optic cable splitter link, install the dust cap immediately, otherwise the link must be retested before use.

    As far as the current situation is concerned, the main way to clean the fiber optic cable compartment is to use alcohol and non-woven cleaning. You can choose ordinary industrial alcohol and wipe it with non-fibrous paper or non-woven fabric.

    In addition, you can also choose the cable splitter cleaning solution. The professional cable splitter cleaning solution is non-toxic, odorless, flame-retardant, insulating, and volatile. The price is higher than alcohol and is suitable for use in the machine room that has been put into use. Use, and where the environment is relatively high.

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