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Adjust The Fruit Juice Production Line

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    February 17, 2019
    The juice manufacturer said that the [u]Fruit Juice Production Line[/u] needs to be cleaned and sterilized regularly to ensure the safety of the juice. Physical sterilization and chemical sterilization. The method of chemical sterilization is to use hydrogen peroxide, ethylene oxide, sodium hypochlorite disinfectant. Due to the influence of chemical residues, current food sterilization methods tend to physically sterilize. Physical sterilization is divided into heat sterilization and cold sterilization.

    The heat sterilization method is divided into a heat sterilization method, a dry heat sterilization method, a microwave sterilization method, and a far infrared heat sterilization method. Cold sterilization is divided into ultraviolet radiation sterilization, ionizing radiation sterilization and sterilization. In the moist heat sterilization method, there are methods for sterilization, high-temperature short-time sterilization, and ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization. The so-called sterilization is a low-temperature sterilization for a long time, the sterilization temperature is lower than 100 degrees Celsius, and the holding time is 30 minutes. High temperature short-time sterilization HTST, sterilization temperature is generally about 100 degrees, such as 85 degrees Celsius high temperature short-time sterilization milk temperature, maintained for more than 15s.

    Ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization UHT, sterilization temperature is above 120 degrees Celsius, only a few seconds. The HTST and UHT sterilization methods are not only efficient, but also the structure and appearance of food preservation nutrition and flavor are better than other methods of disinfection. The juice machine of the juice production line is an automatic juice production line because the winding machine is the same, so the standards for easy-open bottles, bottle mats and caps are the same. Before production, it is necessary to first use the rocking handle to turn the juice production line to check whether the rotation is abnormal or not.

    When adjusting the juice production line, the relevant tools should be used properly. It is forbidden to use excessively large things or excessive force to disassemble parts to prevent damage to the parts or affect the function of the juice production line, which ultimately leads to a decrease in productivity and product quality. After each adjustment of the juice production line, the loose screws must be fastened, and the juice production line can be rotated with the rocking handle to check whether the action is in compliance with the standard before production.

    The filling machine needs to be kept clean. In the production process, the juice production line cleans up the liquid medicine or glass debris in time to prevent the filling machine from being damaged. The surface of the juice production line should be cleaned once before handing over, and clean lubricants should be added to each moving part. The juice machine of the juice production line should be cleaned once a week on a large scale, and it should be wiped clean or compressed with compressed air in places that are not easily cleaned during normal use.

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