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The Villa Elevator Has Been Widely Used

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    September 5, 2019
    Villa elevators have been widely used throughout the country. When we decorate some of the superior villas, the [u]فيلا مصعد[/u] is an essential part of the installation. So when you are in trouble, what should we do?

    After the elevator closed, there was no movement for two or three minutes and it was impossible to open the door. Anyone will be nervous about this. If we encounter similar mistakes, what should we do?

    "When you encounter an elevator problem, don't panic. You should know in time whether it is a "slide" or a "falling ladder." When the elevator fails, the passengers don't have to be overly afraid, the elevator will take the initiative to judge. When the door is detected and safe. When the maintenance device is normal, the elevator will return to the plane orientation of the first floor, which is commonly referred to as the “slide.” At this moment, the passenger only needs to wait for the elevator to return to the leveling floor to open the door.

    When the elevator is running at an abnormal speed, the legs should be slightly twisted, the heels should be lifted together, and the upper body should be tilted forward to cope with the possible impact. Experts say that no matter how many layers the elevator crashes, press the keys on each floor first. If there are handrails in the elevator, please hold the handrails to prevent the center of gravity from falling. The entire back and head are close to the inner wall of the elevator. In a straight line, use the wall elevator as the backbone maintenance.

    In addition, passengers need to be reminded to pay attention to the elevator car in the corresponding floor orientation before the elevator landing door opens into the elevator.