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Villa Elevator Prices Need To Be Considered Comprehensively

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    August 29, 2019
    How much is the [u]فيلا مصعد[/u]? With the improvement of people's living standards, villa elevators are already very familiar to everyone, especially in some high-rise villa buildings. With the rise of private housing and the gradual upgrading, more villa occupants have chosen to install a villa elevator at home in order to facilitate the up and down stairs. But how to say, villa elevators are a relatively high cost equipment, the price factor will certainly be a very important consideration. So, how much does the villa elevator cost? Below, the otse elevator will give you a detailed explanation of the price of the villa elevator, let's take a look.
    1. How much money a villa elevator generally needs to be comprehensively considered from many aspects, including the brand, the height of the building, the function, the configuration, the landing and the decoration. Villa elevators generally do not have fixed specifications. Most villa elevators will be produced according to the owner's requirements (such as color, size and configuration). Any seemingly small change will affect the price of the villa elevator. 2. In the international market, the villa elevator has a rough price according to the basic functions. For example, the elevator price of a villa with a load of 300kg and a floor of 2 floors is usually between 35,000 and 45,000 US dollars. This price is all-inclusive and includes equipment prices, shipping and installation fees, maintenance and repair costs for a one-year warranty, and replacement parts. There is no exact standard for the price of villa elevators in the domestic market. The all-package price of the villa elevators with the same technical specifications mentioned above is RMB 100,000-250,000. 3. After the elevator is purchased and installed, the daily use and maintenance costs should also be taken into account. In the daily maintenance and use costs, the daily maintenance and maintenance costs of the screw elevator are relatively low in the hydraulic, traction and screw type elevators. The cost of installing a villa elevator is generally around 100,000 yuan. The elevator must be professionally maintained. It should be maintained at least 2 to 4 times a year, mainly to ensure that the elevator runs normally and the safety equipment is operating normally.