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China Desktop Xrd Operation Process

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    June 27, 2019
    Many friends have a very limited knowledge of Chinese desktop xrd. There is still a lot of information that everyone doesn't know. What are the operating procedures and precautions of xrd? I believe many of my friends still want to know more relevant information. Then come follow us to get an in-depth understanding.

    [u]China benchtop xrd[/u] operation process and notes:
    1. Please do not turn on the equipment that has not been used for more than 6 months! The X-ray generator must be restarted by professional technicians, otherwise the X-ray generator may be damaged!
    2. Before operating the equipment, you should know the applicable radiation protection regulations!
    3. If someone else is going to operate your equipment, make sure that he is a qualified operator and understand all safety instructions, laws and regulations.
    4. Installation, electrical connection and replacement of mechanical and electrical components can only be carried out by experienced professional technicians!
    5. If the outer casing parts, cables or belts of the equipment are damaged, stop the operation immediately!
    6. The outer casing and parts of the equipment can only be opened by qualified professional technicians!
    7. It is forbidden to modify or change any part of the system security. Installation, commissioning or repair of the equipment should only be carried out by qualified personnel who have been trained.
    8, the equipment can only be used to check items! It is strictly forbidden to check the human body or other creatures!
    9. It is forbidden to sit or stand on the conveyor belt.
    10. It is forbidden to enter any place in the inspection channel when starting the device!
    11. Ensure that the baggage is not stacked in the detection channel or at the exit end! If the baggage is blocked by the inspection channel, it should be shut down first before cleaning up.
    12. Prevent all kinds of liquid from flowing into the machine. If this happens, shut down immediately.
    13. The vents on the device and display cannot be blocked!
    14. The system must be grounded before working. The main power outlet and the installation site must have a reliable grounding configuration.
    15. When working on Chinese desktop xrd equipment, try to avoid standing near the exit and entrance of the passage.
    16. When the lead curtain is damaged or opened, the equipment cannot be operated.
    17. Although the X-ray dose is small, non-workers should try to stay away from the equipment.