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  • City inhabitants it's not abnormal to say that most of their income spend on rent, still there are some people are uncomfortable with spending lot on this dwelling they can adjust in less and for those this Micro Apartment is a perfect choice. For a past years micro Apartment are trendy in big cities, you can reach to prime location with the compact living space, ya! Price tag is appealing but understating what you are really going into is very important. For deciding that small space is the small world to you, you should be aware of what it is really, what it's cons and pros and know this through this Packers and Movers Gurgaon guide. What Is Micro Apartment And Is That Suitable For You? Meaning of Micro Apartment? Micro Apartment is a small single occupant studio which is designed as compact as possible but with all the amenities one required to live comfortably in the house, kitchen, bathroom, general living space but all this are little compact squeezed a bit, about 200 to 400 square feet, 200 sq. feet is around the size of the one car garage and 400 sq. Feet is around the size of 2 car garage. Ya space may be tight but micro apartment is designed in such a way which maximize the appearance available. This is achieved by tall walls and high ceilings because it give illusion of bugger space and more airiness, also have smart features bed and table which can be folded back to the walls when not in use. You will be having no roomie the problem of stressing over who and what type of roommate you will be having is eliminated here. Packers and Movers in Gurgaon helps in safely transporting two wheeler. Who is renting Micro Apartment? Millennials who is comfortable in less if that comes in less price, also older renters who ate looking for downsizing, students or employee who are staying out of their home town for studies or for job purpose and who are definitely not opting for this are young families and couples since the space is limited for the one person sharing with the other one is not in a option and when you are on a growing stage you can't go for living space for one person. According to report one in four opt for these housing why? Because they find affordable rent, less utility bills, nice location and habit of living alone. And when compared the satisfaction rate is similar to the conventional apartment. Benefits and Drawbacks If you are interested in micro apartment then you should know whether it's suitable for you or not through this benefits and cons. Wanna know how about your right and responsibility as tenant learn it through Movers and Packers guide. Some Benefits: Reduced utility cost. Often micro apartment rent is cheaper than standard studio. Affordable to decorate and furnish. Maintenance of the house is effortless. In low rate you can find great view and location. No roommate and easily accessible communal amenities like gyms, pools, game room, laundry room and on site security. Drawbacks. Minimal storage and living space. In case of any visitor you can't have them for longer period. Want roomie you have to change the house. Not family friendly. No pets are allowed May be not cheaper due to the location Can be costly if it's hard to find specialized furniture. If you know someone who had experienced or currently living in micro apartment then it's #best to connect and ask them may be space is low but the community is good every weekend they do get together and have fun, you can take the help of your property manager and ask them is there any current tenant who would like to talk to you. If you are looking for safe and secure storage and warehouse facility in your area do call Local Packers and Movers in Gurgaon, donating tons of thing is tough so store them till you are able to. How to turn tables on our side. Invest in dual functional furniture‚Äôs: Sofa that could turn into bed and table that can turn into chair this will not only eye catching but can save a lot of space and when choosing such dual functional furniture remember that you can make good use of it other than Micro Apartment. Get creative with storage space: when you have less space you have to creatively use the space you have like use top of fridge, use some hanging cabinets or shelves. Play with colours: if your landlord allowed you to make some amendments in the unit then skip the dark colour and use light ones because they will make the unit bright and with the use of some texture and combination you can fill the space with dimensions. Have less stuff: limit what you bring in the first place, so before you move remember to donate, toss or recycle that you no longer use and avoid trying to fit ton of things into small space. Local Packers and Movers in Gurgaon also helps in long distance packing and moving services. Packers And Movers Gurgaon @ https://packers-and-movers-gurgaon.in/ Source url: https://packers-and-movers-gurgaon.in/post/what-is-micro-apartment-and-is-that-suitable-for-you
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