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  • Taizhou Huangyan Rongwei Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. is located in Huangyan, the hometown of moulds in China. We have the most advanced mold manufacturing equipment and the most qualified and well-trained employees. One of our main products is trash can mould.If you are very interested in us, please click the link to understand: https://www.furnituremould.com/products/water-cooler-mould/ Blister mold: a mold that uses plastic plates and sheets as raw materials to mold some simpler plastic products. The principle is to use a vacuum or compressed air molding method to fix a plastic plate on a concave or convex mold. The sheet, deformed under the condition of heating and softening, and pasted on the cavity of the mold to obtain the desired molded product, which is mainly used in the production of some daily necessities, food, and toy packaging products. Due to the low pressure during forming, the blister mold is made of cast aluminum or non-metallic materials, and the structure is relatively simple. Compression mold: includes two structural mold types: compression molding and injection molding. They are a type of molds mainly used to form thermosetting plastics, and their corresponding equipment is a pressure forming machine. According to the characteristics of the plastic, the compression molding method heats the mold to the molding temperature (generally 103°—108°), then puts the measured compression powder into the mold cavity and the feeding chamber, and closes the mold. The plastic is under high heat and high pressure. It is a softened viscous flow, solidified and shaped into the desired product shape after a certain period of time. The difference between injection molding and compression molding is that there is a separate feeding chamber. The mold is closed before molding. The plastic is preheated in the feeding chamber and is in a viscous flow state. It is adjusted and extruded into the mold cavity under pressure to harden and form. Compression molds are also used to mold some special thermoplastics, such as hard-to-melt thermoplastics (such as polyvinyl fluoride) blanks (cold molding), resin lenses with high optical performance, slightly foamed nitrocellulose car steering wheels, etc. . The compression mold is mainly composed of a cavity, a feeding cavity, a guiding mechanism, an ejecting part, a heating system, etc. Injection molds are widely used for packaging electrical components. The material used in the manufacture of compression molds is basically the same as that of injection molds. High-expansion polystyrene molding mold: It is a mold that uses expandable polystyrene (beads composed of polystyrene and foaming agent) raw materials to mold various desired shapes of foam packaging materials. The principle is that the expandable polystyrene can be steam-formed in the mold, including two types of simple manual molds and hydraulic straight-through foam plastic molds, which are mainly used to produce industrial packaging products. The materials used to make this kind of mold are cast aluminum, stainless steel, bronze and so on. If you are very interested in our company or want to order products from us, please click on the link to learn more: crate mould manufacturer.
  • 12/12/20 at 1:00 AM -
    5/21/21 at 1:00 AM
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  • xiu umin (owner) Chair Mould Maker'S Choice There are many types of chairs on the market. There are many changes in appearance and material. Most of them are mass-produced according to people's living habits or hobbies. Although there are many chairs and there are many ways to classify them, the chairs are mainly divided into wood, fabric, plastic, glass, and metal according to their materials. If you want to have a good chair, such a good chair mould is definitely indispensable. Moreover, the choice of the company that makes the chair mold is also very important. Good self-mold manufacturers are first-class in terms of service design or after-sales. If the chair mold wants to be good, then the first thing that needs to be treated well is its design. Because the design is not accurate, then various problems will definitely occur when making chair molds or chairs. The second is the material. There are many materials suitable for making chair molds, but everyone's needs are different. Some like aluminum, some like plastic, and some like wood. Everyone has different choices. Therefore, the angles and materials that need to be considered when making chair molds will also be different. Finally, there are some after-sales problems in the processing of chair molds, which are some places that need attention. The above are some criteria selected by the chair mold company. Of course, whether it is a chair mold or any other mold, you must be careful when choosing a manufacturer.furnituremould.com