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  • Taizhou Huangyan Rongwei Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. is located in Huangyan, the hometown of moulds in China. We have the most advanced mold manufacturing equipment and the most qualified trained employees. table mould is one of the products we mainly promote.please contact us:https://www.furnituremould.com/ Table molds mainly include: mold flying mold table, mold repair table, steel mold table, iron mold table, cast iron mold table, beech table mold table, solid wood mold table, mold assembly table, mold fitter table, etc. Table molds are mainly used in: mold factories, assembly factories, electronics factories, machinery factories, laboratories, testing units, food factories, plastic factories, etc. and other types of factories. The working table can conveniently store the hand tools and parts needed during work. The standard height is 800mm, which is suitable for the height and working habits of Chinese workers. Workbench work tables are classified according to different requirements (customers can choose workbench work table desktop materials, accessories, and various required functional accessories according to their own conditions: 1. According to the different load-bearing capacity, it can be divided into light, medium and heavy work tables; 2. According to the type of desktop, it can be divided into: composite desktop work table, A3 steel work table, iron composite work table, steel work table, pure solid wood work table, stainless steel clad wood work table, cast iron work table, beech wood table work table, stainless steel Desktop work desks, etc.; 3. According to the configuration of the upper and lower work, it can be divided into: standard work desk, work desk with hanging cabinet (hanging drawer), part work desk with desk and combined work desk; 4. According to whether it can be moved, it can be divided into: ordinary work desk and movable work desk; 5. The work table can be equipped with lamps, slide rails, bottom shelves, hanging boards and accessories to meet multiple functions; 6. Tools and equipment such as bench vices can be installed on the heavy work table. 7. The average load of light work tables is 300kg, the average load of medium work tables is 1000kg, and the average load of heavy work tables is 2000kg. If you are very interested in our company, please click on the link for more information: manufacturer of household product mould.
  • 11/27/20 at 5:40 AM -
    11/24/21 at 12:00 AM
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  • xiu umin (owner) Chair Mould Maker'S Choice There are many types of chairs on the market. There are many changes in appearance and material. Most of them are mass-produced according to people's living habits or hobbies. Although there are many chairs and there are many ways to classify them, the chairs are mainly divided into wood, fabric, plastic, glass, and metal according to their materials. If you want to have a good chair, such a good chair mould is definitely indispensable. Moreover, the choice of the company that makes the chair mold is also very important. Good self-mold manufacturers are first-class in terms of service design or after-sales. If the chair mold wants to be good, then the first thing that needs to be treated well is its design. Because the design is not accurate, then various problems will definitely occur when making chair molds or chairs. The second is the material. There are many materials suitable for making chair molds, but everyone's needs are different. Some like aluminum, some like plastic, and some like wood. Everyone has different choices. Therefore, the angles and materials that need to be considered when making chair molds will also be different. Finally, there are some after-sales problems in the processing of chair molds, which are some places that need attention. The above are some criteria selected by the chair mold company. Of course, whether it is a chair mold or any other mold, you must be careful when choosing a manufacturer.furnituremould.com