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  • Another feature which will see an overhaul is 'Tournaments', which can soon give players all round the world the chance to hitch automatically scheduled tournaments every day to climb up through the ranks and gain rewards.

    Developer Psynoix has detailed all the Tournaments changes during a new blog post, so be happy to offer that a read if you would like to understand everything in excruciating detail. For now, we'll share a number of the highlights of the post for you below.

    Players will soon be ready to check in for Competitive Tournaments, a replacement ranked mode within Tournaments that pits you against teams of comparable skill to earn rewards. Each region has multiple Competitive Tournaments scheduled every day , so you will have many opportunities to compete. you'll check in from the revamped Tournaments Menu that shows the daily schedule for your region.

    Everyone who makes it out of the primary Round of a Tournament will receive new in-game currency called Tournament Credits, and performing well and making it farther during a bracket will earn you more. Tournaments at a better Rank will grant larger Tournament Credit rewards. as an example , strong Silver Ranked players stand to earn more Tournament Credits if they get pulled into a Gold Rank Tournament, but their competition are going to be tougher. The Tournament Credit reward is that the same for all three team members.
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