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  • I know, it sucks to urge committed to a build before you even start playing. While "respeccing" in Path of Exile is doable, it's fairly expensive in terms of resources and you are going to require to save lots of your orbs of regret for fine-tuning rather than a full revamp. But there's nothing worse than going to endgame and realizing that your build maybe isn't up to par then spending a couple of days rerolling a replacement character. you do not need to use an actual guide - but you'll , and there are great ones on the official Path of Exile forums, Reddit, et al. . If you would like to pave your own road, picking a couple of skills or broad stroke archetypes can work too, sort of a necromancer or elementalist. Whatever you are doing , don't ignore health/energy shield and sustainability points as you level. Path of Exile may be a little deceptive during this regard, as you'll wade through the bottom game and its Act structure fairly easily only to seek out yourself being one-shot with a coffee health pool, poor resists, or other defenses within the endgame atlas. So despite the urge to become a huge damage machine at the value of all defensive stats, don't roll in the hay . You'll find yourself paying the worth later!
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    12/16/20 at 1:00 AM
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