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  • Apart from the size, resistance and resilience of Enameled Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) , other properties of enameled wire are all related to the paint film. Therefore, under the condition of proper and stable enameling process, enameled wire enamel is the key factor affecting enameled wire performance. If the performance of enameled wire is to be stable, the quality of enameled wire paint must be stable and reliable with a certain technological margin.

    In foreign countries, in order to better control the curing process of enamel and the quality of enameled wire and enameled wire, enameled wire consumers often request enameled wire manufacturers to provide relevant data such as infrared spectrum, gas chromatography and gel chromatography of enameled wire in order to confirm the stability of enameled wire paint components. When quality problems occur during enameled wire manufacturing, these data are also helpful for enameled wire manufacturers to analyze the problems, find out the causes of the problems faster, and find out the solutions to the problems. At present, enameled wire manufacturers in China have not generally requested paint manufacturers to provide these raw materials. We believe that more and more enameled wire manufacturers will make this request to paint manufacturers in the future.

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