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  • As a kind of conveyor chain(GETECHAIN) https://www.getechain.com/product/conveyor-chain/ , the use of the conveyor chain has been paid more and more attention, among which the troubleshooting of the conveyor chain in use has gradually become a required course for users of transmission chain to learn. The following is a detailed introduction of some small knowledge about the use of the conveyor chain, taking the most common failure (chain breakage) in the use process as an example.

    When we doubt whether there is a fault in the conveyor chain, we can determine it in the following three ways:

    1. The chain wheel, chain wheel box and transmission shaft on the job site were tested and analyzed. The analysis results show that some items of chain wheel and chain wheel box do not meet the design requirements, but are not the main cause of chain fracture.

    2. Considering the possible quality problems of the conveyor chain, the mechanical properties of the chain plate and pin shaft of the broken chain were tested. The tensile load of the chain was tested. The results show that the chain meets the design requirements.

    3. Design and check the chain transmission speed and chain type selection. The results show that there are design problems in chain drive. After analysis, this should be the main cause of chain fracture.

    Cause Analysis of Triggering Conveyor Chain;

    1. During use, some parts are excessively worn due to long-term use, thus causing sudden failure, which is caused by natural wear.

    2. In the process of use, unexpected faults caused by improper operation of operators are caused by human beings.

    Methods and Measures to Prevent Transport Chain Fracture;

    1. Regularly check the wear and tear of the chain and repair and replace it in time;

    2. Straighten the bent transmission shaft so that the sprocket does not exceed the allowable swing amount when rotating;

    3. Adjust the tightness of the chain correctly;

    4. Repair and replace sprockets exceeding the wear limit in time, and correctly adjust the safety clutch;

    5. Check the condition of chain joint cotter pin frequently and replace it if necessary;

    6. Pay attention to the lubrication of the conveyor chain on a regular basis.

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