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  • The combine chains(GETECHAIN) https://www.getechain.com/ are used for transmission between engine crankshaft and camshaft. Since there are strict requirements for the matching of the engine piston stroke and exhaust time, the chain for this purpose is called a timing chain. Both roller chains and toothed chains can be used as timing chains. The timing chain is mainly used for driving engines (diesel engines or gasoline engines) of automobiles, motorcycles and ships. In order to reduce the weight of the engine, the installation clearance between the combine chains and the engine is very small, and some even have no tensioning device. Therefore, the timing chain requires not only high precision but also high wear resistance.

    The storage of the combine chains is also crucial for prolonging the service life. When these parts are not used, they cannot be placed anywhere, otherwise, the quality of the chain will be easily damaged. When storing these products, do not store them in damp, hot and chemically corrosive places. Avoid storage in a humid environment, because the combination chain in a humid environment, the surface covered with water and oxygen produce chemical reaction to form rust, which damages the quality of the chain and further affects the sales. Do not place the chain in a place with too high a temperature or in a place with direct sunlight. If the sunlight is direct, the temperature of the stool surface of the chain will rise, expanding with heat and contracting with cold, thus changing the physical characteristics of the chain and causing damage or tooth drop during use. Placing the chain in the corrosive chemical environment will seriously corrode the surface of chain sprocket. Most of the chains commonly used in corrosive environment are galvanized chains or nickel-plated chains. Therefore, the chain must be stored in accordance with reasonable regulations so as to prolong the service life of the chain and reduce the expenses of the manufacturer.

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