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  • Solar led street light(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) https://www.classicledlight.com/product/led-solar-street-light/
    can be assembled by themselves because solar LED street light is composed of solar panels, maintenance-free storage batteries, light sources (usually LED light sources), LED solar street light controllers and light poles, which can be configured if everyone is familiar with the characteristics of various accessories.

    In general, the current solar LED street light is equipped with batteries, and a better one is equipped with a lithium battery, which can work normally on rainy days for 7 consecutive days under the condition of sufficient electricity. If we want to continue to increase working hours, we need to increase the area of solar panels, but at the same time, it also causes an increase in costs. Later, on this basis, there was a solar LED street light with complementary scenery. This is to install a fan blade on the street light, which can convert wind energy into electric energy to continue working under the conditions of insufficient irradiation time and insufficient electric power storage.

    The solar LED street light mainly uses sunlight as its main energy source, which greatly reduces the trouble in construction, does not need trenching and wiring, is safe and pollution-free, but requires the light pole to be installed on the embedded parts, and at the same time, the storage battery has some effects such as light control, time control, over-current protection, etc.

    At present, the professional development of solar lighting in China is relatively mature. Due to the various advantages of solar LED street light, there must be a broader development prospect and wider application in the future.

    The solar LED street light does not need to lay cables in advance, and the working principle of the solar LED street light is to actively absorb solar light and actively convert the solar light into electric energy, and then reduce the points of visibility at night, thus the active control of lighting power needs to be proved. Compared with ordinary street lights, solar LED street light has a long service life and can reduce a lot of troubles in the future without maintenance.

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