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  • After the leaf chain(GETECHAIN) https://www.getechain.com/product/leaf-chain-product/
    device is finished, check whether there is abnormal sound in the transmission seat and whether the adjustment seat is flexible. The leaf chain will tell you whether there is abnormal sound in the elbow and the lifting part, and whether the leaf chain is vibrating. If there is abnormal, timely eliminate the friction points of the leaf chain, such as solid high-temperature grease, after the normal operation, start the oiling machine or cup to inject liquid high-temperature smooth oil.

    Conveyor chain is an indispensable part beside mechanical equipment. It is related to the daily production power and operation quality of equipment. In addition, the smoothness of leaf chain is also very important. However, we cannot simply apply all smooth oil with smooth effect to leaf chain. We must smooth leaf chain according to external conditions and occasions. When cooperating with chain and chain, we require smooth oil to be pure and free of impurities. Otherwise, the smooth oil will form granular impurities or form corrosion on the surface of the chain, causing unnecessary troubles for the normal operation of the chain, making it unable to operate normally, thus reducing the operating power of the equipment. Therefore, we must pay attention to this point in the normal maintenance of the chain.

    The long-term use and wear of the leaf chain will cause the failure of the leaf chain and affect the operation power. Is it possible to replace the leaf chain directly after the wear of the leaf chain? In fact, you can install the leaf chain upside down and continue to use it on the slightly worn side. Regular addition of smooth oil to the leaf chain can also reduce its wear degree. Generally speaking, the failure of the leaf chain is mainly caused by large-scale wear of the leaf chain due to long-term use.

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  • 10/3/19 at 1:00 AM -
    10/23/19 at 1:00 AM
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