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  • With regard to public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) https://www.classicledlight.com/
    , we usually see very neat and shocking scenes, but the details that designers need to pay attention to when designing public lighting.

    1. The setting of the main switch of the public lighting

    As we all know, public lighting is an outdoor product that has to withstand the harsh environment and ensure normal work. Therefore, the quality requirements of its various components are very high, in addition to some outdoor materials, there are special processing. Therefore, the selection of the main switch for public lighting is a key consideration in public lighting design. Due to the outdoor lighting of the street lamp, in order to avoid the danger of leakage, a leakage switch will be installed. In this case, a 4P switch is used. If the leakage is not considered, the main switch can be a 3P switch.

    2. The layout of public lighting

    The public lighting we see on the streets is laid in two rows, and the distance between the two street lights is a certain standard. Therefore, the layout of public lighting is also considered when designing. According to the actual situation of the road surface, it is laid on one side, laid on both sides or staggered. Each type of laying has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is necessary to find a layout that is most suitable for the current environment.

    3. Reasonable choice for public lighting installation height, cantilever length and elevation angle?

    The height of the public lighting is inconsistent, and the lighting conditions are different. The glare of the installation is too low, the glare is increased, and the excessive glare is reduced, but the lighting utilization rate is lowered. In general, the height of the street lamp installation is 10-15m, and the light effect at this distance is the best.

    4. Control methods for public lighting

    The current public lighting basically adopts an intelligent control system, which is to set the time for the public lighting to be turned on and off according to the actual lighting conditions. This is going to the actual local inspection, but also to count the sunrise and sunset time of the region throughout the year, so that it is convenient to set the time. It is also necessary to investigate the actual flow of people on this road. For example, in the middle of the night when there are not many vehicles, several lights can be properly turned off to save power.

    5. Public lighting distribution method

    The situation of the public lighting arrangement is determined whether it is single-sided, double-sided or cross-over. It is also necessary to allocate the number and size of the distribution boxes according to the actual situation to ensure the normal use of the street lamps. In general, the one-sided arrangement is suitable for relatively narrow roads, and he requires that the installation height of the luminaire be equal to or greater than the effective width of the road surface. The advantage is that the inducibility is good and the cost is low. The disadvantage is that the road surface brightness (illuminance) on the side of the lamp is not lower than the side on which the lamp is set.

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