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  • How to choose the Tap Filter & Shower Filter(KOKOELECTRIC) https://www.kokoelectric.com/product/tap-filter-shower-filter/
    , many families will worry about their own water problems and buy tap filter & shower filter, so that high-quality water can be readily available, but tap filter & shower filter also have advantages and disadvantages. The points, then how should it be purchased? Next, let's introduce the tap filter & shower filter to buy small tips, so that the quality water source is readily available.

    The selection of tap filter & shower filter is also an important step.

    1. Tap filter & shower filter purchase - see the structure.

    The tap filter & shower filter have different structures, and the water purification effect is different when the structure is different. The first-stage filter water purifier has a simple structure. The ceramic filter element is mainly activated carbon, and its filtering ability can only be used for coarse filtration. It can remove particulate matter such as sediment, and the filtered water is heated and boiled for drinking. The multi-stage filtered tap filter & shower filter are two-stage multi-stage. It consists of activated carbon and ceramic filter composite filter. It can remove sediment, algae, colloid, and residual chlorine, and its purification effect is better. The current home kitchen is faster and more convenient to use, and it does not have to wait for a long time. It is a popular consumer product.

    2. Tap filter & shower filter purchase - look after the sale.

    The tap filter & shower filter are easy to install and easy to maintain and have a large flow rate and high speed. It meets the demand for large amounts of clean water for kitchen water and water and is also an indispensable part of the home water quality improvement solution. Members, but because the filter elements of tap filter & shower filter are generally replaced within three to six months depending on the quality of the water, after-sales service is even more important for customers who purchase tap filter & shower filter. Therefore, consumers who purchase tap filter & shower filter are sure to choose a regular water purification company.

    3. Tap filter & shower filter purchase - see the price.

    When purchasing a tap filter & shower filter, be sure to pay attention to the fact that there are many tap filter & shower filter on the market. Because of the unreasonable design, there will always be water leakage and water leakage, and its installation is relatively laborious. At the same time, some consumers have reflected that the filtering accuracy of the leading water purifier is not high, and the filtered water still cannot meet people's expectations.

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