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  • Do not use iron rods or screwdrivers to dial the row of cake wheels during the operation of Rice Huller(LIANGGONG)
    equipment to prevent accidents. During the operation before driving, it is strictly forbidden to screw the screw shaft to the dead point, so that the slag tip and the cake ring are in contact with each other, causing mutual wear and causing rice huller equipment accidents. When the rice huller equipment is running, tighten the locknut to prevent the shaft.

    Rice huller equipment must be pure before use. Stones or metal blocks cannot be placed. During the operation of the equipment, it is forbidden to extend the rice into the hopper by hand or metal rod, and only use wooden sticks to prevent the screw shaft from cutting off the fingers. The motor of the rice huller equipment must be grounded.

    During the use of rice huller equipment, periodically check whether the fixing nut of the movable toothed disc is loose and all the fastening parts are not loose. In particular, check the rice huller equipment to fix the screws in the sprocket wheel. Properly inject the lubricant before starting work, and increase the number of refueling for continuous work. Maintenance of rice huller equipment After the spindle bearing cavity cleaning, replace the new lubricant.

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  • 12/4/18 at 5:00 PM -
    12/19/18 at 5:00 PM
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