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  • Industrial conveyor chains are used in industrial chains and are used for industrial transportation. For example, the chain used on transportation equipment is the industrial conveyor chain. When buying an industrial conveyor chain, what are the points to buy a good industrial conveyor chain? The following are several methods commonly used in China chain factory(GETECHAIN) https://www.getechain.com/

    1. From the appearance of the industrial conveyor chain:

    Mainly to see whether the chain shows deformation, there are problems such as cracks, rust, etc., in addition, whether the pin, roller, joint part can be normal, whether there is loose deformation, wear cracks There is also a need to check whether the chain will emit other sounds when it is used, or to present an abnormal vibration condition, and to ensure that the chain has a good smooth condition.

    2. Accurate measurement of the length of the chain:

    Measure the center distance between the two sprockets to see if it meets the formal standards, and ensure the accuracy of the measurement during the measurement process.

    3. Measure the elongation of the chain

    In order to solve the play on the chain, it is necessary to apply a certain pulling tension to the chain to stop the measurement. In order to ensure that the error of the time measurement result is less, the measurement should be stopped at a suitable position according to the actual situation, and then the elongation length is extreme. come out.

    A high-quality industrial conveyor chain not only uses a long time, but also has a long service life. It can better meet the needs of industrial transmission and complete the transmission work, which is why we have to choose a high-quality industrial conveyor chain. The next time you look at the quality of the industrial conveyor chain, you can judge from these aspects.

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