Why Does LED Public Lighting Have A Dead Light?

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    may appear in the process of the death of many people have encountered, then why the LED public lighting use in the dead light phenomenon, and what are the relevant solutions, below we Jiangsu Hengyuan lighting for you Organize relevant instructions.

    Why does LED public lighting have a dead light? LED public lighting has the following two reasons: the leakage current of LED is too large, causing the PN junction to fail so that the LED public illumination point is not bright. This situation generally does not affect the operation of other LED lamps. The internal connection leads of the LED public illumination are disconnected, causing no current to pass through the LED and causing a dead light. This situation will affect the normal operation of other LED public lighting.

    In the LED packaging production line, the grounding resistance of all kinds of equipment is not in compliance with the requirements, which is also very important. Generally, the grounding resistance is 4 ohms. In some cases where the requirements are high, the grounding resistance should reach ≤ 2 ohms. Excessive soldering temperature will also cause LED dead light phenomenon. The expansion coefficient of led leads at high temperature is several times higher than the expansion coefficient at 160 °C. The internal gold wire solder joints will also be soldered due to excessive thermal expansion and contraction. The point is pulled open, causing a dead light phenomenon.

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