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  • How to prevent the Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG)
    complete sets of equipment from being blocked by materials?

    Material blockage will seriously affect the production of rice destoner equipment, and serious machine failure, damage to the machine, affecting production efficiency, so we must attach great importance to this problem! When the machine is sometimes clogged with material during the production process, which is usually due to the screen clogging caused by the rice particles being too wet or other reasons, the problem should be to deal with the jam.

    In the long-term research and application process of the rice destoner equipment vibration equipment, the effective principle of preventing the plugging method should be to introduce the direction of the particles and the direction opposite to the direction, so that the screen surface produces a second vibration, that is, the vertical frequency screen of the screen itself. The direction of vibration, the organization seeks to be simple, vulnerable, and requires no regular maintenance. The method of preventing clogging of the vibrating circular screen is to cause the particles to fall out of the holes by generating an eccentric structure that moves perpendicular to the direction of the screen.

    There are many ways to prevent the clogging of the rice destoner complete equipment, such as installing a movable sieve on the sieve surface, tapping the sieve surface, rotating the cleaning agent, cleaning roller or movable brush, rotating the roller on the surface of the screen, in the sieve There is a rubber ball impact on the surface, which increases the vertical acceleration of the screen surface.

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