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    project, its influence on the city courtyard lamp manufacturers, especially its negative effect on the environmental subject, has been paid more and more attention by the city construction and management. It is very necessary to study and discuss the basic principles of public lighting planning under the situation that relevant laws and regulations and technical standards are lagging behind. The following principles and requirements shall be considered in the planning and design of public lighting.

    (1) according to the level of regional economic development and the historical and cultural characteristics of the city, the corresponding public lighting plan should be formulated. The public lighting design is subject to the overall planning of the city, and the public lighting design of the building shall be determined comprehensively according to the characteristics, functions, styles, decorative materials, environment, architectural design intent and user requirements of the building. Planning and design should highlight the characteristics of the city, because every city has a fixed location, or gorgeous and prosperous, rich in modern consciousness; Or simple and elegant rich in history and culture; Or exotic scenery, rich in ethnic flavor. Sui et al. According to the location of the city, to determine the location of the lights in the area forms an overall plan, which is the premise of a city's lighting environment planning and design.

    (2) Public lighting must be synchronized with the overall urban planning, and specific implementation measures must be formulated to ensure the orderly development of urban lighting environmental construction. According to the characteristics of the urban planning area function, a public lighting planning scheme shall be formulated according to the division of the urban area function to determine the performance theme of each lighting scenic spot. For example, the business district requires a changeable lighting atmosphere, while the administrative center district requires solemn, generous, elegant and serious, and the tourist district requires warm, peaceful, gorgeous and colorful.

    (3) It should meet the needs of functional lighting, that is, the requirements of road lighting, square lighting, and other functions to ensure the safety and convenience of citizens' life, traffic, and other activities. The planning and design requirements that the lighting should be in harmony with the natural environment, the architectural environment, the humanistic environment and the functions of the urban areas. Different environments and different carriers should have different methods of expression and implementation of thematic ideas.

    (4) Highlight regional characteristics such as office area, commercial area, culture and entertainment area, leisure area, residential area, natural scenic area, cultural relics, and historic sites, etc. Highlight the shape features and use functions of buildings, grasp the connotation of architectural image, reshape the nightscape image of buildings, and fully embody the architectural style and intention. Through the brightness change and color difference between the adjacent faces of the building, the outline shape of the building is highlighted, thus ensuring the integrity of the building and having the good stereoscopic impression. Take lighting art as the basic point and destination of the public lighting art design, highlight landscape elements in specific areas, focus on shaping individual lighting objects, and make landmark or exquisite landscape garden lamp factory designs to highlight the characteristics and connotations of urban culture.

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