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  • With the development of the market, the light source of Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) https://www.classicledlight.com/
    began to adopt multi-chip combination, but because of the immature technology, there are still some problems in the use of multi-chip combination light source for Led public lighting. What are these problems? Below we Hengyuan Lighting to organize the relevant instructions for you.

    First of all, let's understand the multi-chip combination light source used by Led public lighting. As far as the current Led public lighting market is concerned, the LED single-chip power in the market is generally between 1~5W, and the luminous flux output is only a few hundred lumens. In order to make LEDs truly applicable to general-purpose lighting, the luminous flux of Led public lighting sources must reach several thousand or even tens of thousands of lumens. Such high light output cannot be realized by a single chip. In order to meet such high light output requirements, a combined light source of multiple LED chips (usually 1W) is currently used at home and abroad. So, what are the problems with the current multi-chip combination light source for Led public lighting?

    1. Led public lighting production process is cumbersome, low production efficiency and low reliability.

    2. The design of the luminaire is limited by the number of LEDs arranged and the arrangement of the luminaires. The luminaires produced are difficult to balance in terms of appearance and performance.

    3. The secondary light distribution design of the luminaire is complicated, which is difficult to meet the requirements of various lighting design, and will reduce the light efficiency of the luminaire.

    4. Dozens of single-chip LEDs are arranged in the same luminaire. The photoelectric performance parameters of each LED chip must be consistent, otherwise the photoelectric performance and performance of the luminaire will be greatly reduced.

    5. It is prone to blind spots due to local failure during use, resulting in dark spots and increased maintenance costs.

    The above is about Led public lighting using multi-chip combination light source still has these problems, if you want to know more about the instructions, you can pay attention to our website for more advice, you can also call to ask.

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    to learn about more information.
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