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  • Adjustment the knife of Rice Huller(LIANGGONG) https://www.china-zjlg.com/product/mlgq51-semi-pneumatic-rice-huller.html : Adjusting the rice knife is to adjust the gap between the rice knife and the roller. If the gap is large, the pressure of the whitening chamber is small, the friction of the rice in the drum is weak, so the rice cannot be milled, but the rice yield is high; the adjustment of the inlet and outlet knives: when the inlet knives are opened, the exit gate When the knife is closed, the grain in the whitening room increases, and the pressure increases to make the beige white, but the broken rice is more; on the contrary, if the imported knife is closed and the outlet knife is opened, the whitening room has less rice and the pressure is reduced. The adjustment gap of the rice knife and the roller should be moderate, and the gap should not be smaller than the transverse diameter of the rice grain. Otherwise, the rice grain is easily broken; the gap cannot be larger than the longitudinal diameter of the rice grain, otherwise the rice grain is rough. Therefore, the rice knife gap should be chosen between the longitudinal and transverse diameters of the rice grain. Generally, when actually adjusting the gap of the rice knife, there must be a little oblique angle, that is, a little larger near the end of the exit knife, so that the milled rice is more complete. The inlet and outlet knives must be closely coordinated with each other. Generally, the opening degree of the imported knives can be controlled to 1/2 of the entire opening degree, and the maximum is not more than 2/3. During the rice milling process, the imported knives are generally not removed, so that the imports are all open, because the imported knives are all After opening, the grain accumulates too much, the pressure in the whitening chamber is too high, and the rotational resistance is large. If the outlet knife does not fit well at the moment, the transmission belt will slip, and even the machine will be stuck or damaged. The exit knife should be flexibly mastered. In operation, the meter knife gap and the opening degree of the inlet knife can be fixed after being adjusted according to the regulations. Generally, as long as the operator uses the right hand to operate the exit knife, the left palm is terminated at the exit. Rice grain, observe whether the rice grain is intact and whether the beige color is white. If there are many broken rice, you can open a large exit knife; if the rice is rough, you can close the small exit knife. During the rice milling process. Take care of both, until the quality of the milled rice meets the requirements. Click Rice Grader https://www.china-zjlg.com/product/rice-grader-machine/ to learn about more information.
  • 11/6/18 at 5:00 PM -
    11/27/18 at 5:00 PM
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