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  • Common chains include transmission chains, conveyor chains, easy-to-remove chains, plate chains, special chains, etc. Each of them has different uses in their respective fields. The China chain factory(GETECHAIN) https://www.getechain.com/
    will introduce its representative uses. Let's go.

    Common drive chain

    Including A series transmission short pitch precision roller chain, B series transmission short pitch precision roller chain, weighted series transmission short pitch precision roller chain oil drilling machine transmission roller chain, transmission short pitch precision Sleeve chain, double-pitch precision roller chain for transmission, curved roller chain for heavy-duty transmission, toothed chain for transmission, motorcycle chain, bicycle chain, etc.

    Common conveyor chain

    Including short-pitch precision roller conveyor chain, double-pitch roller conveyor chain, long-pitch conveyor chain, conveyor flat-top chain, short-pitch precision sleeve chain for conveying, light double-hinged suspension conveyor chain.

    Common easy-to-remove chain

    Including the buried board conveyor chain, engineering steel roller conveyor chain, engineering steel sleeve conveyor chain, agricultural roller conveyor chain, agricultural machine clamping conveyor chain, traction chain.

    Common plate chain

    Including lifting ring chain, mining high-strength ring chain, hoist ring chain, pin chain, cold drawing machine chain, block heavy-duty bit chain, roller traction chain, drag reference bending chain.

    Common dedicated chain

    Including sliding type stepless shift chain, protection towline, saw chain, boiler chain, tap water scraping chain, printing iron oven chain, pipe wrench chain, agricultural chain, thrust chain, shaped chain.

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    7/24/19 at 1:00 AM
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