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  • A new US Department of Energy research project examines the effects of LED common lighting conversions from traditional light sources such as high-pressure sodium in the United States, which show a net reduction in sky illuminance for close and long-range observers. Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) https://www.classicledlight.com/ is still a controversial topic around the world, and the only generally accepted belief in solid-state lighting (SSL) themes is that LED retrofits can save energy. One complaint about outdoor lighting is that the product adds to the light of the sky, especially for short-wavelength blue light, which is visually unpleasant for humans and a problem for scientists such as astronomers. But a new research project by the US Department of Energy (DOE) "The effect of LED public lighting on the sky's luminescence" largely refutes the sky-lighting problem that is particularly attributable to lighting, despite the overall overall growth of urban lighting. May increase. It is worth noting that although the Department of Energy's research is extensive in terms of different conditions of research, the scope is narrow. It focuses on LEDs and traditional lighting that are typically installed throughout the United States. For example, it does not consider the achievable goal of using a new high-pressure sodium (HPS) luminaire with an improved optical design designed to eliminate backlighting. Similarly, the focus of this research is on the replacement of HPS or other HID luminaires for typical LED luminaires currently installed, rather than some new SSL luminaire architectures. Also keep in mind that the focus of this study is on street lighting only, and considers the reflectivity outside the street surface. But it does not consider buildings that may generate additional uplight by reflection, or other upper sources that are often popular in urban areas, such as indoor spills. Click public lighting https://www.classicledlight.com/ to learn about more information.
  • 7/4/19 at 1:00 AM -
    7/23/19 at 1:00 AM
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