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  • 1. After the combine chains(GETECHAIN) https://www.getechain.com/
    is seriously worn, the combine chains should be replaced at the same time to ensure good meshing. Otherwise, the meshing is not good and the wear of the combine chains is accelerated.

    2. The old combine chains cannot be mixed with some new combine chains, otherwise it will easily cause impact in the transmission and break the combine chains.

    3. In the work of the combine chains, remember to fill the lubricant in time. The lubricating oil must enter the mating clearance between the roller and the inner sleeve to improve working conditions to reduce wear.

    4. There should be no skew and swing on the shaft when the combine chains is installed. In the same transmission assembly, the end faces of the combine chains should be in the same plane. When the center distance of the combine chains is less than 0.5 m, the deviation of 1 mm is allowed to be more than 0.5 m when the center distance of the combine chains is 0.5 m or more. However, it is not allowed to have friction combined with the side of the combine chains. If the two wheels are too large, the chain is prone to de-chaining and accelerated wear. Care must be taken to check and adjust the offset when replacing the combine chains.

    5, the tightness of the ccombine chains should be appropriate, too tight to increase power consumption, the bearing is easy to wear too loose and the chain is easy to jump and unchain. The degree of tightness of the combine chains is: lifted or pressed from the middle of the combine chains, and the center distance of the two combine chains is about 2% to 3%.

    6. The new combine chains is too long or stretched after use. It is difficult to adjust. The link can be removed, but it must be even. The links should pass through the back of the combine chains, the locking tabs are inserted outside, and the opening of the locking tabs should be oriented in the opposite direction of rotation.

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    to learn about more information.

  • 6/6/19 at 1:00 AM -
    6/27/19 at 1:00 AM
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