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  • Process characteristics of Rice Huller(LIANGGONG)
    equipment: It adopts the new technology of first shelling and light milling, which completely solves the problem of hard milling with shells in the traditional process, easy to grind and uneven grinding. The application of these new technologies and equipment makes the equipment have a high yield rate, a low broken rice rate and a bright finished product.

    The process is perfect, the rice huller equipment from the raw grain cleaning, stone removal, multi-stage shelling, multi-stage grinding and polishing, to rice grading bagging, power distribution all realize automatic continuous operation, smooth process, convenient operation and maintenance. The rice huller equipment avoids the traditional high-energy consumption equipment, all adopt new energy-saving equipment, and the unit energy consumption of the whole machine is minimized.

    Nowadays, this society pays attention to the issue of efficiency. No matter what kind of work or business is operated, efficient work efficiency is very important. Nowadays, many enterprises have begun to realize fully automatic production. The so-called fully automatic is the use of advanced machinery and equipment. All the work is done by machines, no need for labor. This form of production has also begun to enter the traditional food industry. Nowadays, many grain companies are beginning to use rice huller equipment, which can reduce the labor cost of enterprises.

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    11/27/18 at 5:00 PM
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