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  • Nowadays, the rice sold in the supermarket is very appetizing in appearance, and the sparkling crystal is very attractive. In fact, these mice are not added to the harmful substances as everyone thinks, it is processed again through the processing of Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG)
    equipment. There are many companies that buy this equipment but the processed rice is not very bright. what is the reason?

    Reason one: the amount of water

    When their polisher equipment is polished, the polished indoor rice is evenly sprayed with water in a certain proportion to make the surface of the rice wet, which is beneficial to the separation of the surface of the rice grains, and at the same time, the friction temperature generated during the polishing and polishing process. The rice is gelatinized to form a gelatinous layer, thereby achieving the purpose of improving the brightness of the rice. However, if the amount of water is too large, the abnormal flow of rice grains will cause the pressure inside the rice polisher machine to be too large, which will intensify the crushing and even lead to “boring car”. Therefore, in the use of equipment, the amount of water should be controlled first, and the amount of water is generally controlled. About 0.5%.

    Reason two: polishing pressure

    The polishing pressure is established by the speed and impact force of the rice grains in the polishing chamber. The factors affecting the whitening pressure are various, but the polishing pressure can be adjusted and controlled by the pressure gate at the exit of the polishing chamber. The polishing pressure is large, the collision movement is intense, and the grinding is more broken after polishing; the polishing pressure is small, the collision movement is moderated, and the grinding is less after grinding. Therefore, the rice polisher equipment should use a small polishing pressure, but the polishing pressure is too high. Small, will affect the process effect. The polishing pressure is generally about 400-700 g/cm2.

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