We’ve visible first hand how corporate game


We are a merry band of veteran game developers Dark And Darker Gold upset by using the exploitative and grasping practices we as soon as helped create. We are experts who've labored on a lot of the most important hits in Korea.

We’ve visible first hand how corporate game organizations promote their soul for the easy payday. We are disenchanted to see them doubling down on an increasing number of exploitative practices, becoming more like casinos in place of bringing pleasure to game enthusiasts.

I'll admit that I need to agree with that that is a case of a large writer unfairly coming down on some scrappy builders and that Ironmace's self-declared anti-exploitation values are genuine. We can also in no way realize the entire tale of the legal declare in opposition to the studio, and whether we love it or not, Nexon can also have a case. Even in that case, being on the right side of the law has by no means been a prerequisite for punk.

For now, what we do have is very clear proof of how exceedingly tenacious Ironmace has been in getting gamers into its recreation. After getting booted off the most important gaming storefront on PC, Ironmace went directly to subvert the policies on both Discord and Twitter and force a ton of gamers to discover ways to buying Dark And Darker Gold torrent documents for the primary time in their lives all to play an alpha. It was the maximum punk PC gaming moment of 2023 up to now.