They won't remain in dungeons forever


The dungeon's quest, the dungeon will earn you 2.2k XP per WoTLK Gold kill, so you only have to kill five or 10 mobs to match the XP gained from a hefty adventure in TBC. However, this doesn't mean that a lot of quest preparation, like my guide doesn't work for the average player , because for players of average level you'll be at a huge advantage when you're able to reach level 71 prior to hitting Northrim since then you'll be able to jump straight into Dragonblight and stay ahead of everyone else because it's highly likely that people actually going for realms first will not be doing open world leveling, particularly for streaming because then the risk of getting ganked or having quest competitiveness.

But, they won't remain in dungeons forever. We'll discuss a bit about that in the future. But let's return to quest Pro. The most important thing for the realm first pusher is the quickness of turning around inverse quests. There's not enough time to be flitting around on a massive mount in Outlander making quests. With the help of different quest hubs. We are able to quickly take out five mobs in a dungeon to get more expensive in an TVC dungeon quest.

This is because it isn't enough to kill the standard Malik's you're gonna get from any normal quest in TBC. That's why having quests that can be turned in very close to summon stones is important. In fact, this is how I've been doing for every single quest I've done, whether huge WOW WoTLK Classic Gold dungeon-like quests and I'm able immediately convert them into a summon stone at to a dungeon.