Where to Buy Boric Acid for Fleas Online?


Get rid of fleas and other insects in your home! Fleas Away Boric Acid Carpet Treatment contains Boric Acid Granules, not a boric acid powder. The Boric Acid Granules adhere to the deep-down carpet fibers and STAY there for at least 1 full year! Also, this granule form is easy to use and won’t clump like powder products. Fleas Away Boric Acid Carpet Treatment helps to get rid of fleas, roaches, silverfish, ants, and many other insects and stays healthy and hygienic! If you are thinking about where to buy boric acid for fleas » online? Visit Healthy Food for pets, your online pet food, and your pet care products store.

  • Price $16.99
  • Location USA [map]