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Slurricane Flower is a very soothing strain, best utilised in the evenings or when you don't need to be productive. As you inhale, you'll notice a faint tingling spread over your body, gradually releasing any tension. Due to its powerful sedating effects and body high, Slurricane Flower has been observed to cause couch lock in certain users. This strain is described as a mood enhancer that transports the user to a serene, happy state of being where stress and unpleasant emotions fade away. Slurricane is known to cause the cravings in addition to the couch-lock, so keep a snack handy! Because this strain is powerful and hard-hitting, make sure you dose properly and use caution if you have a poor tolerance for THC or limited experience with it.

Appearance and Flavor

Slurricane nugs are dense, resin-rich, and olive green in appearance. They grow in a fairly circular form and have rich violet accents all over the bud, the intensity of which is dependent on growth temperatures. The aroma of Slurricane Flower is unmistakable! This strain has a rich fruity aroma with strong undertones of berries and herbs. Similar to blueberry tea, its flavour has been described as sweet and earthy. The user will appreciate Slurricane's exquisite, delicate flavour palette!

Medical Insurance

Slurricane's high THC content provides medical users with a wide range of benefits. Many people pick Slurricane Flower because of its anxiety-relieving properties. This strain is ideal for people suffering from persistent stress, anxiety, and other unpleasant mental illnesses. Slurricane relaxes both the body and the psyche, allowing the user's stress to fade away and be replaced by a sensation of joy and tranquilly. This strain has numerous physical advantages. It can help cure diseases like joint pain, neuropathy, and headaches by reducing pain and inflammation. Furthermore, due to its capacity to sedate the user, Slurricane is ideal for those suffering from insomnia.


This strain is really simple to grow, making it ideal for beginners, intermediate growers, and everyone in between! Slurricane Flower can be cultivated well both indoors and outdoors, with equivalent yields. You can expect an indoor harvest of 14 to 16 ounces per square metre or an outdoor yield of roughly a pound per plant after a nine-week growing period. The only disadvantage of producing this strain is its lengthy harvest time, which can be reduced by employing stress training techniques.

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