Handmade + Personalized Jewellery For Brides + Bridesmaids


On the wedding day, the bride shines brighter than a radiant diamond. Everyone has their eye on the bride, but you can’t miss the beautiful bridesmaids of the bride. The bride squad should also shine as brightly as the bride. If you are thinking about what to gift your bride squad so that they don’t shine out of your wedding, then gift them beautiful personalized Jewellery or Online Bridal Customized Jewellery for your elegant and beautiful bridesmaids. To turn everyone's heads on your beautiful bridesmaids’ gift them personalized rose gold jewelry with your special touch in each of them. Intricate work on rose gold makes it perfect for them. To give them a complete look add a customized pair of rose gold earrings and a bracelet. To match them choose a beautiful rose gold jewelry set that matches your bridal lehenga. At the online shop of Ciero Jewels, you can find every kind of jewelry you want. Visit our website today. 

  • Price $50.00
  • Location India [map]