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iversun 12

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iversun 6 mg is an active ingredient in Ivermectin used to treat illnesses or infections caused by parasites in the body.

iversun 6 is very active and acts effectively and efficiently in the treatment of severe conditions.Iversun is currently suitable for the treatment of other conditions such as heartworm or itching. Buy Ivermectin to treat heartworm and scabies.

iversun 12 mg is an active lubricant used to treat diseases or infections caused by parasites in the body.These parasites attack it, and also, the essential body organs in our body assault the vital organs in our body, such as the intestinal  tracts, eyes, and skin.

iversun 12(Ivermectin) binds by disrupting nerve and muscle function in helminths and insects.
The drug binds to common chloride channels controlled by glutamate in nerve and muscle cells of invertebrates.Ivermectin binding opens these channels, increasing
the flow of chloride ions and hyperpolarizing cell membranes.